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1 Time-Table of B.Pharmacy-5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Semester Year Exam. Feb- March-2023 0
2 Time Table of MD(Ayurved Vachaspati)-MS(Ayurved Dhanwantary) Previous Main Exam-March-2023 Noti no. 486 date-12/01/2023
3 Time-Table of B.A.M.S. 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prof. Exam. March-2023 495, dt-12.01.2023
4 Time-table of B.P.T. 3rd & 4th Year Exam. March-2023 367, dt-10.01.2023
5 Time-table of B.P.T. 1st & 2nd Year Exam. March-2023 noti. no. 359, dt-10.01.2023
6 Information about First MBBS & Second MBBS Exam Jan-2023(Admit Card, Information Sheet, Attendence Sheet)
7 Revised Time-Table of B.A.S.L.P. 4th Semester Exam. Dec-2022 146, dt-04.01.2023
8 New Exam Centre for Raipur Institute of Medical Sciences RIMS, Raipur (MBBS Final Part-II Students) 13245, dt-22.12.2022
9 Time Table of B.H.M.S. Final Year Exam. Dec-2022 (New Course) 13014, dt-15.12.2022
10 Revised Date of Exam Form Submission (MBBS First & Second Year Jan-2023) 2726, dt-08.12.2022
11 Time Table of BASLP 4th & 6th Semester Exam Dec-2022 Noti no. 12624 date-07/12/2022
12 Time Table of BNYS 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year Exam Jan-2023 Noti No. 12440 date-02/12/2022
13 Process of Eligibility Certificate deleted from 2022-2023 Noti. No. 3698 date-30/11/2022
14 Time Table of M.B.B.S. Final Part-I & Part-II Feb-2023 Noti no. 9326 date-28/11/2022
15 Time Table of B.A.M.S. 4th Prof Exam. Dec-2022 11081, dt-31.10.2022
16 Application form for Eligible for Admission/ Exam date 18/10/2022
17 Exam Fee Detail of B.Sc.Nursing st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th/P.B.B.Sc. Nursing 1st, 2nd/M.Sc. Nursing 1st, 2nd Year Exam. Oct/Nov-2022 9700, dt-14.09.2022
18 Related to Exam form date for B.Sc. Nursing 1st-Semester Sep-2022 Noti no. 9544 date-12/09/2022
19 Time Table of FIRST M.B.B.S. & SECOND M.B.B.S. EXAMINATION JAN-2023
20 Revised Time Table of M.D.S. Final Part-I Main Exam Nov-2022 Noti No. 9234 date-01/09/2022
21 Centre List of B.Sc. Nursing 1,2,3,&4 Year/PB. B.Sc. Nursing 1st & 2ndYear/M.Sc. 1st & 2nd Year Supply Exam Nov-2022 Noti No. 9226 date-01/09/2022
22 Time Table of B.Sc. Nursing 1st,2nd,3rd & 4th Year/Post Basic B.SC. Nursing 1st & 2nd Year/M.Sc. Nursing 1st & 2nd Nov-2022 Year Noti No. 9218 date-01/09/2022
23 Time-Table of MD Ayurved (Ayurved Vachaspati)/MS Ayurved (Ayured Dhanwantari) Final Year Exam. Oct-2022 9062, dt-25.08.2022
24 Time Table of B.D.S. Second, Third & Fourth Year Main Exam Nov-2022 Noti No. 9054 Date-25/08/2022
25 Time-Table of MDS Part-I (Main) & MDS Part-II (Supp.) Exam. Nov-2022 9069, dt-25.08.2022
26 Centre List of B.Sc. Nursing 1st Semester Exam Sep-2022 Noti No. 8771 date-18/08/2022
27 Time-Table of B.Sc. Nursing 1st Semester Exam. Sep-2022 8574, dt-10.08.2022
28 Notice for writers facility to the students Noti No. 8542 Date-08/08/2022
29 Valuation for B.A.M.S. & B.U.M.S. Date-02/08/2022
30 Time Table of B. Pharmacy 3rd , 5th, 6th , 7th & 8th Semester Exam -Aug-Sep-2022 Noti No. 8260 Date-01/08/2022
31 Cancellation of Kaya Chikitsa-I Exam. B.A.M.S,. final Prof. Exam. July/Aug-2022 7902, dt-22.07.2022
32 Time Table of BASLP 3rd Year August-2022 (Old Course) Noti No. 7894 Date-22/07/2022
33 Time Table of BNYS First, Second, Third &Fourth Year August-2022 Noti No. 7777 Date-20/07/2022
34 Time-Table of B.Sc. Dialysis Technology First Year & M.Sc. Renal Science & Dialysis Technology First Year Exam. Aug-2022 7785, dt-20.07.2022
35 Application for the post of Vice-Chancellor (Agra) Noti No 4190 Date-20/072022
36 twete etwetwet
37 Regulation & scheme of semester examination for B.Sc. Nursing Session 2021-2022 Noti No. 7588 Date-12/07/2022
38 Time Table & Centre List of BASLP First Semester Exam-July-2022 Noti No. 7286 Date-01/07/2022
39 Time-Table of B.P.T. 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year Exam. Aug-2022 (Supp) 6898, dt-21.06.2022
40 Time-Table of First M.B.B.S. & Second M.B.B.S. Exam. April-2022 917, dt-03.03.2022
41 Time-Table of B.Sc.Nursing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th/P.B.B.Sc. Nursing/M.Sc.Nursing 1st & 2nd Year Exam. April-2022 1737, dt-25.02.2022
42 Centre List for B.Sc. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th/P.B.B.Sc./M.Sc. Nursing 1st, 2nd Year Exam. April-2022 1925, dt-03.03.2022
43 Time-Table of MD/MS Medical Exam. April-2022 909, dt-03.03.2022